Why I Chose Number 20

Having just signed a contract with the Valencia CF first team in December last year, I was presented with my first decision: what number do I want on my back?

My friends will know that growing up, I have always worn the number 7 shirt. But that was already taken, so I was given four options: 2, 12, 20 or 23.

Here’s my thinking:

  • 2 = Typically a right back. Not very me. ❌
  • 12 = First one left on the bench. No thanks! ❌😂
  • 20 = Ok, kind of cool. I’ll come back to that one. 😉
  • 23 = Michael Jordan & David Beckham. Hmm… 🤔

So why did I finally decide on number 20?

I will always be the first player born in the 2000s to play in LaLiga. 2.0 – next generation. Better never stops. Everything seemed to fit. My number will always serve as a reminder of this great year in my life, and it’ll push me to keep fighting for the club I love.

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